Anna Price Petyarre


Born:         c. 1965

People:  Eastern Anmatyerre

Language:   Anmatyerre

Area:       Mulga Bore, Utopia,
                Eastern Desert.

Anna resides at Mulga Bore, an outstation at Utopia, NT approximately 220 km from Alice Springs. She lives near the general store with her husband, Colin Price and their children. Anna and Colin have two daughters and one son. She is also a grandmother, with five grandchildren.

Anna has painted since her early childhood, but began selling her paintings in 1996. She speaks Anmatyerre (her native language) as well as being fluent in English.

Anna Paints the bush Yam and Bush Yam Seed Dreamings. These are the Dreamings of her grandfather and fathers country from the Boundary Bore region. As a traditional Aboriginal women who engages in sacred ceremonies, she also paints women’s body paint aspects of women’s ceremony. Anna takes the utmost care and pride in her work and endeavours to bring the sensitivity of her culture to the canvas. Her paintings of the Bush Yam Seed are made up of many connected loops the true size of the Bush Yam Seeds which flow in such a way that is soothing to the eye.

Selected exhibitions include: 1996 “Utopia Dreaming,” Soho Gallery, Sydney; 1998 selected as entrant for the 15th NATSIAA; 2000 Dacou (in association with AMP), Mary Place Gallery, Sydney; 2001 “Women’s Business”, Australian Exhibition Centre, Chicago, USA; 2002 Galerie Le Temps du Reve, France; 2002 Glen Eira City, Melbourne.